2 am magic

I don’t like wasting time. The fire is slowly creeping up, tar turning into orange and then into ash. I gave it a soft puff: to heat me up inside and to turn more orange into ash. Breathe in, breathe out. The smoke rises as it obscures my field of vision, blocking my already failing […]

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I try to escape the confines of this mundane world. With every blink of my eye behind the glasses that it grew accustomed to, with every breath that my tar infested lungs take, I try to escape… even for just seconds, minutes. Hours? Even better. Living life is about escaping it: to look forward to […]

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“Ah… Look at all the lonely people” – Eleanor Rigby, Paul McCartney, Beatles 1966 The faucet cries the sound of water gushing, it’s as if it desires to fill up the world – drown the world with its sad tune of endless flowing. Her eyelids are still heavy from last night’s work; grades and names of […]

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“Ako din”

Hayaan mong sulatan kita. Oo ikaw, ang taong bumuklat at nagbasa ng aking munting sulat. Marahil ay nakilala mo ako dahil sa kuwento ng mga ate at kuya mong graduate na, or kwento ng ating paboritong doktor ng komunikasiyon, or kwento ng mga kakilala ng kakilala mo. Marahil ay ilang beses mo na akong nakakasalubong […]

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Hire Me

(This is my real entry under the “Personal Information” tab on my Curriculum Vitae/Resume) Born on August 10, 1994 and the single child of a Lawyer and a simple housewife, I spend my life mostly writing about stuff and playing video games (a lot of them). I was already playing video games at a very […]

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I was different. I was the introvert, the nerd, and the silent when I first stepped into the class. The atmosphere was very different; it was noisy, crowded, chaotic, and messy. Everywhere you look there’s something going on; there was laughter, squeals, girly high pitched tone, and a lot more laughter. I didn’t know anyone; […]

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The Red Matriarch

The floors creaked as the tall heels of her shoes collided with the wooden floors as she walked. She was a strong woman; tall in stature, about forty or fifty years of age, dominating features, a strong nose, luscious lips, slim yet curvy body and eyes that glare at the soul of those who behold them. She […]

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“Are you satisfied with your care?” – Baymax (Big Hero 6) I looked up at the horizon, expecting someone to show up as I hold my Nintendo on my hands playing a game about monster hunting. The smell of freshly opened can of coffee filled the area around me, the air vents of the convenient […]

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