Creation from a Drunk Guy’s Perspective

It was euphoria.

Both of them did not know when and how it started, all they know is that they are seeking that memorable pleasure like it was embedded to their being. The feeling of inexplicable happiness rooted deep within the depths of their overflowing desire to feel the warmth of each other’s existence to this world.

They were like two apparitions of divinity, floating and hovering within the vast void of nothingness that swirls and fills their minds as they bask in each other’s love over and over and over again. Seeking higher places that none of their senses have reached before, shrilling with joy and shivering with anticipation of what will come next.

Each act of love sends jolts of lightning straight from the gods themselves right down to their mortal and sinful spines, further escalating towards a new form of enlightenment that can only be achieved through each other’s warmth.

They were not separate entities anymore; they were one in spirit and in being. Their form was more divine than sinful; forms that neither man nor woman nor can gods and goddesses imagine being possible. Sighs of relief and satisfaction filled the swirling void of darkness as the two kindred spirits danced to the tune of each other’s ragged breaths and moans.

The honey was so sweet and the mead was too intoxicating, the spirits savoured each other’s taste and presence to this world without a care in the existence of the world outside theirs. The honey was dripping like it was spring all over again as the spirit basked in its glory like a possessed winter wolf hungry for the first summer meat.

With feelings of primal desires and mortal instincts, the two spirits came to a point of inexplicable and unstoppable desire to create a new form of life. Merging under the stars and the moon so bright, they were filled with a sudden burst of positive feelings of excitement, anticipation and desire; because they once danced under the same moon and stars as two but now they are one.

And thus, within the darkness of the void, life was born.


Pic From: Child Of Light (PC Game, 2014)

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