She was always the one.

There are moments wherein you’ll take a step back and look at the choices you did.

I don’t know how it happened, it all just happened in a flash.

Everything was fine, we were in love, and suddenly we were not.

The morning was coated with the smell of strawberry and the burning of hot coffee beans. I ruffled her hair a bit as she was sleeping soundly beside me.

Her eyes slowly opened up, and across her face a smile was born.

She got up, and turned her back towards me, holding her hair to form a ponytail pattern.

The hairpin shined on her semi-auburn hair. Her smooth white shoulders are very child-like. She has a very small stature for her 18 years of age.

She turned her face towards me and gave off another smile.

I loved this girl.

Everything about her, I loved it.

And now everything’s just a memory of distant past. Remnants of a story told ages ago. We stand up on the cliff of despair, picking the pieces left behind hoping to use them to fill the gaps in our hearts. The words and memories, her smooth silky hair and the way it flowed. The pink hairpin that ties her hair together, that sweet, little pink hairpin filled with all the possibilities of another future and the memories of a forgotten past.

And now as I look back into it, we’re different persons living in different worlds. So close yet so far.

You will then realize that perfect does not mean forever.

But then you’ll see her again, and the memories will return. The sweet morning where she greeted you with a smile filled with love, the way she kissed you, the way she hugged you and the way she told you she loves you very much.

You will then realize, at that certain point in time, upon seeing her hair tied up with the hairpin while it’s flowing freely on her back, that she was the one.

That she was ALWAYS… the one. 

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