The highly caffeinated life of Jordan.

It was 7 am in the morning. I was chilling in my usual hangout spot in Letran, a solid bench beneath a bungalow that has a nice view of the fields near the nursing building, with a nice cup of coffee fresh from the vending machine and the sound of my favourite music plugged on my ears.

Note: This is an E-mail assignment sent to my Professor, I just figured I wanted to share it. Cheerios.

I sipped a drink, admiring the warmth of the caffeine, cream and sugar mixing all together inside my mouth as I stare across the green fields of Letran. A man was trimming the grass while a few football varsity players are on their usual training routines. If you look a bit further you can see the other huts filled with all sorts of people on their own morning routines.

And then it hit me; I’ve been doing this for the last 4 years of my life.

How did I get here? I ask myself.

I sipped another drink from my coffee, now only mild hot.

I’m now on my last stretch of my academic years. I’m pretty much an average person; I’m a guy who is now starting a thesis about Video Games, a guy who just went through a break-up last summer, a guy who still loves Pokémon even if he’s already 19 years old. With all my uniqueness and probably interesting stories to share, I’m still pretty much your average guy who you see sipping coffee from time to time.

And now I’m pretty much about to graduate.

I let that thought sink in for a moment.

I was never the guy to care about academic success or academic excellence. I was always the person who went with the more unorthodox option of doing things, I prefer to work alone and by comparing my success between times when I’m in a group and times I work alone I can pretty much say that I do better when I’m flying solo. It doesn’t mean that I hate working in a group though. It just means that I feel more comfortable when I’m on my own.

I never liked religion and the idea of faith. It may sound odd coming from a student that is now studying under a catholic institution but that’s the truth. It doesn’t mean that I despise religion or those who have strong faith; as a matter of fact I have a lot of close friends who are like that. It’s just that when you end up thinking and rationalizing and defining what’s logical and what’s not you’ll end in a point of no return or at least that’s what my 19 year old brain tells me. To keep it simple, I don’t care if you’re a devout person or if you believe in 10 gods or an atheist or something. What you do is what defines you; As long as you do “good” you’re okay with me.

I love video games, girls and video games. I’ve mentioned video games twice because I love them that much. They’re like books wherein you are a reader and a writer at the same time; they’re also like movies wherein you’re the main character, the audience and the director all at the same time.

I love girls because they’re girls. Enough said.

My circle of friends consists of all kinds of people; typical casual people, high school friends that knows all the dirt you have, friends in my department who I talk and work with on my academic stuff, internet friends who I share intellectual (or pseudo-intellectual) debates just for the laughs, anime-loving friends and some real close friends who that I know will take a bullet for me (and then curse me afterwards, they love me just like that.)

I’m not really a friendly person, as I’ve said I’ve always preferred being alone. It’s just that I never bother to show people a fake side which I think they would like; I just show them who I really am; an average geeky guy who hates tomatoes and loves caffeine and video games. Somehow it all worked out and they all accept my personality as a whole. (Well, most of them)

Well, I guess that pretty much covers a big part of me.

As of this moment I’m still not sure what to do with my life after college. I guess I’ll just have to live and see that day, just like what I always do.

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