The fog was crawling up to my glasses as I went out the fully air-conditioned establishment (Mineski) and stepped outside to feel the warmth of the sun again after playing couple of “League of Legends”.

After removing the fog with my ever handy fibre cloth and putting on my beloved glasses once again, I was bombarded with the scenery I have been seeing for a couple of years now; the old railroad beside the school gate, a couple of shops the vendors of nuts, fried stuffs and other street foods concocted from god knows where, printing shops filled with students availing for the latest handouts and some benches where the resident smokers and bystanders all spend their leisure times.

Nothing ever changes; same street, same school, same place and same life.

Is this everything there is to life? I wondered.

I went to the same school gate, the same hangout spot, passed by the same teachers, peeked at the same classrooms, and went to the same hangout spot (a brick-made hut) expecting to see the same set of faces I see every time I go there.

Yet something was different.

There was an unfamiliar hair, an unfamiliar face and an unfamiliar smile.

She had long straight hair, a thin figure, big round eyes and a smile coated with bright braces. She’s not wearing any make-up but somehow I still find myself staring at her for unknown reasons. She was very simple, yet something about her was captivating

She was a friend of my friend it seems.

The afternoon dragged on with me and my friends (there’s two of them and they’re a couple) throwing friendly japes at each other. I was there making fun of their overly attached lovey dovey antics while they make fun of my single life and the new girl was just sitting there, smiling and giggling.

Of course, being the ever-curious creature that I am, I have decided to ask for the new girl’s name.

I simply asked her “What’s your name”?

She smiled, looked at me and gave me her name. Her name starts with J, but we’ll call her “Princess”.

It was a beautiful smile.

And so she was there, laughing and giggling with her cute, high-pitched voice while lying down with her head on her bag hoping to get some sleep. I cannot see her face in my position but her laugh was enough to feel her presence.

It was fun, it was interesting, a new face in this mundane life of mine.

I thought it was only for a while, there are a lot strangers coming to that hut never to return again. I thought she was just another stranger that I will never be friends with.

The next morning came and I saw her again, with the same bright smile she showed me.

There was something.

And then I’ve found myself constantly thinking about her, it was interest, I was interested. Was it the smile? Was it her high pitched voice? Was it her big, cute eyes?

I don’t know. All I know is that I want to be closer to her.

And so I did.

I don’t know how it happened too, I was just finding myself awake in the middle of the night texting her, getting to know her bit by bit, we’ve experienced the “Glenda Days” together where we shared our experiences during times where there’s no electricity, internet and the weather was cold. We talked about everything; life, school, love, experiences, faith, funny things, senseless topics and random stuffs.

I’ve started seeing her a lot, via the corridors, the usual hangout spot, and the gym huts and even in Mineski.

I’m starting to know her friends too, her family (well, hopefully) and my friends are starting to know her too.

I’ve never noticed it until now; she’s starting to become a part of my life. Like a new gear entering the depths of an old clock, edgy and fidgety at first but in time will blend in and be an integral part of it.

She knows me, I know her.

And it all started with a simple “what’s your name?”

Where will this take me?

I know that we have a lot of differences; different hobbies, different outlook in life, different culture, different courses, different passions and different personalities. I know that we’re not the ideal couple; I know that we don’t fit each other; I know that the circumstances as of this moment are not perfect and I know that we have our doubts and that we’re both afraid.

But then again I will remember her smile… and just like that everything seems to be worth it.

She may not be the “perfect” one, the “best” one, the “one”, my “past” or my “future”.

I may not be her “perfect” one, the “best” one, the “one”, her “past” or her “future”.

But there’s only one thing I know.

She is my “now”.

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