You’re worth it

The guitar gave off a bouncy, swaying tune as the voice sung a story about a guy’s hardships on his task to get the approval of his girl’s dad.

“Tough luck my friend but the answer is no.” the father said.

“Why you gotta be so rude” replied the guy.

Makes me think; why do we even risk ourselves in the name of love?

We all know how it goes; one way or another, no matter how sure you are about each other’s feelings, there will come a time where something will get in the way. Immaturity, jealousy, circumstances, third parties, you name it. Today you’re getting along and the next day you’ll get into something that will test the feelings you have for each other and worst comes to worst, will break it apart and pummel it to the ground.

You’ll fight over the smallest of things, there will be times when you think you should give up, times where you’ll cry and regret ever meeting that person for making you feel this way.

You will be afraid, you will have lots of questions and most likely you will choose to not take the risk.

But then again, why are we even here?

Why is it that, despite the fact that it is hard, there are still people like my mom and my dad, people who I see every day linking arms together? Why are there people in their late years smiling and sitting in a bench by the park? Why do they exist? What gives them the strength to stay together despite how cruel the world is?

Simple: Because it’s worth it.

We were all born out of love one way or another; once there was a time where there was this guy and this girl who fell in love and that love gave birth to you, to us.

Yes we might get hurt, we might even hurt each other, we might fell out of love and regret this after, and we will say things that will make each other feel sad. It happens, “Don’t you know I’m human too” as the song says.

But that doesn’t mean we should stop looking.

Because everything; joy or sadness, smiles or frowns, happiness and pain are all worth it for the right person.

One thought on “You’re worth it

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