Once Upon a Time

The air was dry and the smell of fried onions and garlic filled the afternoon halls of the cafeteria

She was just there; with her back curved low while her eyes are fixated on the table where her lesson hand outs are spread out.

I just stared at her; her thin arms supporting her head like a delicate figurine, with her hair combed behind her ears with her fingers. I can smell her faint perfume, a hint of mint and spring scent filled up the area around her.

At that moment I forgot where I was and leaned on her shoulders. Absorbing the smell of spring as I surrender myself to the warmth I got used to.

It was funny to think that a month ago we were still strangers to each other; that we might have passed each other along the corridors of our college not knowing that we will end up at this exact same spot where we are now.

We might have bumped into each other way back then not realizing that this random girl I saw at the library or at the cafeteria would someday share a lot of memories with me.

We lived our whole lives, minding our own businesses, going with life as it is with our own worlds and our own lives only to wake up one day…

And end up at that exact spot where we will meet each other.

This photo is not about the person, it was about the moment. A reminder of that random moment where I met this girl and this girl met me, a reminder for our future selves that once upon a time…

We were together.


Click Here for the Photo’s Flickr link

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