Life Happened

It was 7 am in the morning, i’m at my usual spot in my campus (the brick huts by the nursing building) enjoying my freshly brewed coffee as immerse myself in the green scenery of the college’s green fields.

As usual, people are passing by… and then I thought to myself “who are these people?”

I was curious you see… And I know that all it takes to know these people is to just go ask them and say “hello, I’m Jordan. Who are you?”

And so… I did 🙂

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These are the students of Letran from the Marketing, Engineering and IT Departments. Each with their own stories to tell and tales to share. 

So next time you feel alone, just go grab what courage you have and talk to that random person heading your way. You might get tagged as a creepy person but you might also gain another friend.

What’s important is the desire to explore. 

Cheerios Lads. 

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