Remember Me

We never really move on.

I still go the same store to buy my everyday can of ice cold coffee, it was the usual 24 hour convenient store I’ve been going to ever since the day I first bought chocolates there for someone that I like. I still remember the first time I waited for someone under the rain whenever I see myself stuck in a waiting shed waiting for the heavens to man up and stop crying.

I still remember the first time I spent an evening with someone, just talking, cuddling and planning about that long distant future that may never come, I still remember the first time I held someone’s hand, kissed someone’s lips and loved someone with all of my adolescent and childish heart. And most of all, I still remember the first time a tear left my eye as a symbol that everything was finally over.

It’s not just one person; these are descriptions of moments and people who left a part of them inside me.

I’ve found myself daydreaming every now and then, thinking about the possibilities of an alternate future that may have and may not have happened. The “what ifs” and a collection of “if evers.”

We all have our different lives now and I think we’ve all uttered the words “It’s all in the past.”

But I still hope, no matter how selfish it may sound, that from time to time they would also look somewhere and find something that used to be there. Things that may not matter now as it is back then, small things that tell stories of childish escapes and youthful dreams of the future, of promises and of broken dreams.

I still hope that the dream is alive, maybe not with me but with their lives as separate individuals living in the same planet and looking up at the same blue skies.

Yes, we never really move on. We just learn how to live with it.

So please, live with a smile on your face, be happy, feel proud and if you ever feel down remember that there was once a time when someone thought of you as the most beautiful creature God ever created with all of his childish and honest heart.

And if it’s not asking too much… Please…

Remember me.

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