I was different.

I was the introvert, the nerd, and the silent when I first stepped into the class. The atmosphere was very different; it was noisy, crowded, chaotic, and messy. Everywhere you look there’s something going on; there was laughter, squeals, girly high pitched tone, and a lot more laughter.

I didn’t know anyone; not the seatmate beside me, or that guy staring outside the window, or that girl retouching her make-up, or that other girl smiling and looking at the distance, no one, except my long time high school friend.

I was practically alone.

I came from a different department; accountancy and then shifted here, to communications. It was a big leap and this kind of atmosphere is no surprise at all. Everything was the opposite here; we rely on our creativeness instead of calculations and we pursue beauty instead of efficiency. It was very foreign to me, but somewhere deep inside I somehow know that I’ll find something.

But I saw it; the laughter I hear is not forced, it was a genuine laugh, a laugh that came from honest happiness and not from common courtesy. The smiles here are real, the joy, the brightness, the overwhelming and drowning aura of happiness; everything was real, everything felt real. It’s as if no one is forced to wear a mask just to belong.

And my hunch was true.

Ever since the day I stepped inside the class, I never felt like I didn’t belong. The way they accept people and treat them as family feels very good. I was the nerd, the gamer, the Pokemon guy, the silent, the snob, the introvert, the socially awkward guy and yet I never felt rejection. I was expecting to be rejected, but they didn’t and the thing that got me the most is that they are not faking it; they are genuinely accepting me for who I am and how different I am (well at least, I hope so). How can they do that? How does a whole bunch of class do that simultaneously?

It’s as if God himself handpicked these people and slammed them inside one jar happiness. Everything and everyone felt right and felt real. Sure there are discrepancies from time to time, but nothing that scars them forever.

It was not a batch, it was not a class; it was a family, a family that can accept people so easily without asking anything in return.

I will miss the early mornings where everyone was still asleep trying to listen to Sir Bobbet’s early research class. I will miss the sweet and challenging adventure of making a film; travelling, walking, road trip, rehearsal, shooting and whatnots. I will miss telling the stories of individuals, documenting their lives and showing them to the public. 

I will miss all our random sessions, siestas, hang outs at our beloved MC, I will miss the laughter, the puns, the jokes that are so corny you’ll end up laughing not at the joke but on how corny it is. I will miss all my babies, munchkins, sweethearts, besties, bebe, bebegirl or any other cute name I’ve ever called you.

And seeing them climb up on that stage; I’ll miss all of you.

Yes I was different, but I never felt like I did not belong.

To all my brothers and sisters, crushes, best friends, play mates, game bros, and to my extended family.

Thank you so much for the memories. Happy Graduation.

I’ll catch up next year. I love you guys.

Dedicated to Letran Calamba AB Communication Batch 2015

Photo By; “Caila” Regalado – 4ABCOM2

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