Hire Me

(This is my real entry under the “Personal Information” tab on my Curriculum Vitae/Resume)

Born on August 10, 1994 and the single child of a Lawyer and a simple housewife, I spend my life mostly writing about stuff and playing video games (a lot of them). I was already playing video games at a very young age, often attributing my own experiences as to that of a video game. I’m very critical in thinking, often asking questions other people do not dare ask. An introvert in and out, I prefer solidarity and thrive in the sound of silence but I’m also very flexible at interacting with different kinds of people from life achievers to internet degenerates.

I’m very confident in my writing skills and consider it as my best skill followed by film direction and film editing. I’m a fast learner with the ability to teach myself skills using only observation and inquiry. I do not have an excellent (numerically and statistically wise) academic highlights but I can assure you that I work with passion; not for the rewards that comes after but for the experience that I will get at the moment.

Of course I can go on and on about how my curriculum vitae does not reflect my actual output as a person, or that my mediocre grades does not reflect how I work in a real life environment or that my lack of experience on real jobs would not be an issue in coping up with the work that you will (hopefully) give me.

But let’s face it; none of my reasons will ever matter. You will probably hire someone with better looking initial pages and a better looking face than me and that is okay because that’s how the world works and there’s nothing wrong with it because a system such as what we have now is reliable and consistent.

But let me ask you this; if I somehow got you to read my personal information up to this point then you are actually interested about me as a person right? That’s what I can bring, that’s what I can poke, that’s what I can play with; interest. It’s my fulcrum, my core, it’s what keeps me going and how I make the things around me go. I keep things interesting, I keep myself interesting; I find interest in the most mundane of things and show how interesting it is to people who might otherwise not care about it.

I’m so interesting that I can openly admit that I do not have technical and mechanical skills that others do not have. You can find better film editors than me, better photographers, a better speaker, heck you might even find better writers than me. But the sole fact that you are still reading my personal information up to this point is a real and concrete testament to my earlier claim; I’m interesting as hell.

And I hope you are interested enough to hire me.

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