Mediocrity – The Average Life

The green grass swayed as the cold winds blew the first signs of the cold season. The resident kitten was curling up, trying to salvage every form of heat from its surrounding; its eyes glimmering with curiosity as it gently leered at me with its gaze.

I leered back at its golden eyes. It purred a soft sound, it feels cold. I too was feeling a bit chilly as I struggle to absorb the heat from the arms of the girl that I love that is currently embracing me.

I lived every single day of my life with one goal: to breathe and survive for the next day. As much as I wish to have a colorful life filled with conquests and adventures in every corner I was given a life filled with mediocrity.

And I did not hate it. In fact, I loved my mediocre life above all.

Mediocrity is under-rated; the world is filled with dreams of grandeur and recognition that we forget the simplest things in life. The feeling of your loved one’s arms, the soft bed you can enjoy when there are no classes and the alarm clock is not ringing, the taste of a perfectly brewed coffee straight from the grocery, the feeling of my warm working seat that caressed my ass through my thesis and games, the sound of my Playstation coming to life as I plug it in and turn it on, and the people that I get to see every day with all their quirks and individualities.

I can spend an eternity like this. Experiencing days under the shade of a bungalow with the feel of the wind touching my skin as I absorb what the world has to offer in its simplest form – life.

Call me shortsighted or whatever, but what is there to life? We are the product of billions of years of existence, evolution, and natural selection. Billions of years of stars breaking up and forming new compounds. We are but fragments of dead stars that have ceased to exist millions and billions of years ago. We are a race made of carcasses of celestial objects that populate the eternal cosmos called existence.

Day by day we struggle in every field known to men to find the true meaning of life. We are trying to fill the missing pieces of a big jigsaw puzzle with the collective wisdom of the whole human race. We formed communities, civilizations, and systems to further progress humankind towards the path of its true and unknown goal; to find the reason behind our life, our existence.

Great thinkers and innovations were born under the right circumstances that helped pave the way towards more complicated constructs of our existence.

But then again we stop. What is there to life?

I’m breathing, she’s breathing. I can feel her chest as she inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide, the sound of her soft voice as she mumbles while sleeping. I can see the sky, the grass as they flutter and feel the wind on my face. I look back at the kitten, now curled up with its eyes closed. I can smell the scent of fresh air as my girl sweetly cuddles me with her soft embrace as I look at all people minding their own businesses each with their stories and lives. I stop and I stare at the nothingness, at the mediocrity of my life at that moment.

And it feels good, everything feels good, everything feels right.

“This” is the reason why we are alive: to stay up late and come in late at work the next morning, to catch that last bus ride, to pick up a lucky coin, to get soaked under the rain, to feel the warm embrace of your significant other, to feel the feeling of failure and dropping out of a subject, to feel the cramming and highly caffeinated life of a research student, to breathe and to struggle as we go along our daily lives, to love and be loved, to break and to be broken.

Life is mediocre. It’s mediocrity at its finest.

That is the reason why we are alive.

We live because we are alive.

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