I try to escape the confines of this mundane world. With every blink of my eye behind the glasses that it grew accustomed to, with every breath that my tar infested lungs take, I try to escape… even for just seconds, minutes. Hours? Even better.

Living life is about escaping it: to look forward to those small moments in time where you can take a break and just breathe in to breathe out.

Life is to let the free thoughts flow just like how we were shaped and molded by the carcasses of the stars that existed and have ceased to exist since the dawn of time.

Life itself is an escape of some sort  — from the mundane rules of time and space. To cease the routine of time space continuum, to break away from the confines of eternity.

Life is an escape from death, an escape from nothingness. It sprouted from the desire of existence to change itself. It wasn’t satisfied, it wanted more, it wanted meaning beyond merely existing.

Existence itself wanted to escape the state of meaningless. Thus, it gave birth to life.

To live is to escape.

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