I was different. I was the introvert, the nerd, and the silent when I first stepped into the class. The atmosphere was very different; it was noisy, crowded, chaotic, and messy. Everywhere you look there’s something going on; there was laughter, squeals, girly high pitched tone, and a lot more laughter. I didn’t know anyone; […]

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The Red Matriarch

The floors creaked as the tall heels of her shoes collided with the wooden floors as she walked. She was a strong woman; tall in stature, about forty or fifty years of age, dominating features, a strong nose, luscious lips, slim yet curvy body and eyes that glare at the soul of those who behold them. She […]

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“Are you satisfied with your care?” – Baymax (Big Hero 6) I looked up at the horizon, expecting someone to show up as I hold my Nintendo on my hands playing a game about monster hunting. The smell of freshly opened can of coffee filled the area around me, the air vents of the convenient […]

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The Drifter

I am floating, drifting in the sea of the void as the waves gently touched my skin. I can feel its curiosity; as if it’s tasting my soul little by little as the little surges of waves swayed my body back and forth as I drift away from an island called sanity. I looked at […]

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The Wrong Choice.

You were never a Princess. I met you under the most mundane of circumstances: a brick hut that shades the lazy students from the harsh sunlight. I still remember how frustrated and stressed I was during that time, with a coffee in my hand and a meat bun straight from 7-11. I sat down on […]

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Am I Wrong?

The sky was painted with an orange color, clouds and birds are giving life to it. I stare at it with amazement as I relax myself from the deadly and mind raping defense I just went through. It was a cold afternoon, or maybe I’m just cold because of how tense I was earlier. With […]

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